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At Sariya Products, we are mainly engaged in manufacturing any kind of brass building hardware like brass hinges,tower bolts, tadi,fancy zulla set  and all other brass builder's hardware as per custome's specification.For us, Customer's satisfaction is at the top priority.

Over the years Sariya Products have earned enviable reputation in world wide markets, while supplying them our best available Premium range of products from India on very Competitive Prices with time bounded shipments. In view of our Professional Services and Moral Values based on Humanitarian Grounds, Human Rights , & Friendly Environment, No Child Labor that are really expected from India, due to it our list of customers are enlarging every year. Sariya Products never believes in Window Dressings and Short-Term Benefits/Relationships as our main motto of the company, since its Commencement is to serve its valuable Customers for the value of their money with Best Available Quality and Resources in India at Reasonable Prices.

Contact us today for more information on our product. We assure you of best quality, timely supply & capacity to meet mass production. We are always here to serve you.

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